Message from Our Founder


I am Dr. Earl Riggins, Founder of The Phidian Way. The Phidian Way is a supplemental Faith and Belief moving faith and belief systems and religions into the 21st Century. We honor, respect, celebrate, and follow the words of the Great Prophets such as Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Gautama (Buddha), and Lord Yeshua (known greatly as Jesus Christ), Lord Zoroaster, Lord Dr. King, and other Great Prophets. Our foundation of Faith and Belief is from the Book of Exodus 3:14 where Moses met the great “I Am” on the mountain. This is the meeting where the foundation of Aatiiejah (Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – I Am) was introduced to the world. Not as God or any other deity, but it was a pure “I Am”, which states that “I Am” is all that surrounds the universe and all that is within the universe. Our Faith and Belief in Aatiiejah (pronounced as Our-Shy-Ah) is at the head of our faith and belief. Aatiiejah is all that is seen, all that is not seen, all that is, and all that is not, and is the Source of Life and is Heaven; all fall within Aatiiejah (even gods and angels). We do not bow down to or worship Aatiiejah (pronounced as Our-Shy-Ah). Rather we connect to Aatiiejah by becoming one with the universe, a skill you will learn to become a Phidian, to commune with Aatiiejah, for our appeals.

Because we become one with the universe to be in the presence of Aatiiejah, Aatiiejah recognizes our being and connects with our Construct (a pure area within humans where no corruption can enter or reside) and accepts our appeals and blesses us. One of the main features of The Phidian Way, and is very hard for a lot of people to accept, especially Christians, is that Yeshua, the son of Miriam and Yosef (Mary and Joshua), has in fact, like any other human being or being, passed away from the earth, and has transformed, which those who are not Phidian associate with having died, and have come unto Aatiiejah, through Guad the Almighty, not God, but Guad the Almighty, and has been accepted as such to continue heaven bound for everlasting being. Those who seek to become Phidian, will learn of Guad the Almighty through learning of The Matrix of the Temples of Aatiiejah.

Further, Phidians believe that – the words – “Jesus Christ” – is the totality of Christian bibles and is as a culmination of the purpose the bible – an event – of the dormant spirit awakening and becoming part of the body and mind to complete the soul; to make the soul whole. We do not believe in a Jesus Christ walking around as a ghost or spirit or human being; only that Jesus Christ is an event of the spirit connecting to the body and mind and the soul being made whole and that the Great Prophet Yeshua gave us this knowledge but we out of fame and greed for power through fear corrupted it through charismatic necromancers and witches seeking to keep those who are poor subjugated, and to force others to accept a condescending nature, to stay blind of the truth, and to accept the belief of a savior of the world who had risen from the grave and become supernatural and was the only being who could help them with their needs in life and could provide them an eternal heaven of being beyond their troubles and travesties on earth. As such, there are over 3 billion necromancers and witches in the world today. Their main vehicle for such a way of professing their belief is through religion with the concept of a being known as God who is all powerful.

Phidians learn that God is one of the four forces of the universe, which is gravity. The other three forces of the universe are strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and electromagnetism, respectively known to Phidians as the Father, the Mother, and the Daughter. God is the Son. As such, people and religions are worshiping gravity and not the true being, Guad the Almighty, whom prayer should be given unto. Guad the Almighty is not referred to by Phidians as a he, she, it, or they; Guad the Almighty, through Aatiiejah, is creator, creation, and the blood of the universe. On becoming Phidian, these concepts and more of the true lens to see the world through, will be learned.

The word God comes from the word good; however, when spelled backwards, the word God is dog. This was never intended by the great “I Am” Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Aatiiejah. The Hindus deity, Adishesha, whose name sounds similar to Aatiiejah, and although having great powers, is not Aatiiejah. Man put his spin on the meeting of Moses with Aatiiejah and now controls the mind of over 3 billion people. So, it is now time for the Phidian to become known and become part of the world to put the world back on course with the Truth of Life and Being. It is recognized that The Phidian Way is not for everybody, just a few, but those who are the few, are the light of the world. Go to for more. Go to the Readings page for enrichment of knowledge.

In brief, visit the site – The Phidian Way. It is a Faith and Belief system for all who seek the truth in life and who just want to be. It is for civil and business workers, intellectuals, PhDs, those who have jobs in law enforcement, the transcending entrepreneur, mathematicians, physicists, scientists, and those who have decided they want to go beyond their religion or have had enough with their religion. Please do not give up. Go to The Phidian Way and look through it and see if it is for you.”

– Dr. Earl Riggins

Vision of the Word (V.O.W.)
Phidian Philosophy - From codes of the Christian books: Cain gave God his second and third rate produces, but Abel gave God his first choices. God saw Cain’s heart as greedy and interfering with peace in the world. Cain wanted it all; he killed Abel to attain this. However, when Cain killed Abel God’s accord for peace in the world could not sustain without this one brotherly love. Cain opened the portal for Heaven After The Evening (H.A.T.E.) to come in to earth. The Nephilim entered earth through this portal and laid havoc on earth. This is the Cain Factor – to murder, to war, to hate.
The Cain Factor
The Soul Becoming Whole
CHRISTOPHI - As it has come to my attention, that the event The Phidian Way proclaims as The Jesus Christ Event does include the name of the ghost known to Phidians Jesus that the religious have spelled the world to believe-in to be Yeshua the Great Prophet as to be alive in the world, but rather in truth, who has passed from this world and is Heaven bound as all other humans who have graced this earth, a correction, as given by Vision of the Word, is now made. We will no longer define this herald and holy anointing within us the Jesus Christ Event; rather, this event will be given the most righteous and holiest of fitting names. As the focus of the event is on the word Christ, which means “anointed one”, the event will be called from hereafter - Christophi. As it is the word Christ that means “anointed one”, we become anointed when our spirits rise to connect with our body and minds to make the soul whole. The blood of Guad the Almighty anoints us through Christophi, which is given to us as a blessing from the Source of Life, Aatiiejah, through Guad the Almighty, the commander of angels.
Let The Soul Become Whole